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The 13th installment of the series!

This time, we've got a 130 Laurel by "Shakotan koyaji", a.k.a. Liberty Walk representative Wataru Kato, and a stock-look GX71 Cresta with a shortened ride height that's been soaring in price every year!
The tuning machines that were popular among the young-at-heart in the 1980s have been made into 1/64 scale miniature cars. At only 70mm in size, the customization and wheels of the time have been reproduced to the fullest.

  • Total of 6 models, 2 colors each
  • Product size (when packaged individually): 80mm x 115mm x 40mm
  • Inner box size 165mm x 115mm x 245mm

­Hakosuka 2Dr 1971 (GC10)
This Hakosuka 2Dr is the treasure of "Shakotan koyaji", aka Liberty Walk Representative Wataru Kato.
The fenders, bumper-less front and rear, and side-mounted mufflers give it a wild look.
­Fairlady Z 1973 (S30)
This is the second Fairlady Z treasured by "Shakotan koyaji", aka Liberty Walk representative Wataru Kato
130 Laurel 1973 (C130)
This is a butaketsu Laurel, a treasure of "Shakotan koyaji"
110 Silvia 1979 (S110)
The 110 Silvia has a stunning silhouette style.
The spoiler and fenders are reminiscent of the racing cars of the time, and the impact is outstanding.
Cresta 1987 (GX71)
The only thing that's been tweaked is the ride height, but if you look closely, you'll see that it's a late model with an early model face.
71 Mark II 1987 (GX71)
This is a 71 Mark II with a shortened ride height.